Why Use A Video Professional

George Siegal

Friday, July 03, 2015

Several years ago I gave a potential client an estimate on a video and told them it would cost $9,000 to create what he said they wanted. The person I met with got back to me a few weeks later and said he got another bid for $1,000 and if I could match that he’d rather work with me.

That is always a dilemma in trying to get a job, whether or not to lower your price. In this case it was an easy call, he probably found a high school kid who said he could make the video during his vacation. Could have been the next Steven Speilberg, or this company now has a marketing video that looks like a high school kid did it.

The way I run my business is this. If I give you a bid, it’s what I think I can do the job for based on what you told me you need. If someone can do it for less it raises some questions:
1. Are we bidding on the same thing, apples to apples.
2. Can the other company actually do what they say, and who will be working with you, someone with experience, or a junior member of the team who has a lower hourly rate.
3. If all seems equal, maybe you came along at the right time to get a great deal from that company.
I don’t believe in just changing a price for customers like auto dealers or repairmen. Those guys knock off thousands of dollars if they see you are willing to walk, which leaves me feeling they were sticking it to me in the first place.

If I give you one price and say “Oh, I can do it for half that, wasn’t I ripping you off the first time.

Maybe we need to take something out of the bid, or lower the number of shoot locations or the production time.
If your project ends up being all about price, be careful. It almost always rings true that you get what you pay for.