Buyer Beware

George Siegal

Friday, July 03, 2015

It seems like everybody has their own video camera these days, and that makes it attractive for them to call themselves a video production company and make videos working from home. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, you just need to understand what you are looking for when you hire someone.

You need to understand your expectations in the quality of the videographer, the writing and producing of the script, the quality of the audio, the lighting of the content, and the ability of that person or company to meet the deadline you need to meet.

I’ve actually had potential clients show me demo reels from companies that had obvious mistakes in them, and the potential client didn’t notice. Well trust me, they would notice when that ended up happening in their video.

You may be able to get a great deal from someone, but it’s only a great deal if it matches the objectives you set for your project.

So before you accept any bid, ask questions, ask for references, and really take a good look at the company’s demo reel.

Low bid may be a win for the guy who gets it, but it could be a costly mistake for you.